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New Test Identifies Kids at High Risk for Ongoing Concussion

When a child gets a concussion, it can be difficult for a doctor to assess whether he or she will have problems that persist over the longer term. But now, a new test could help marketplace semarang doctors do exactly that, a new study from Canada suggests. In the study, this simple-to-do test, which a doctor can perform within 48 hours of a child's concussion occurring, was better than the currently used method — which relies on a physician's judgment to make this assessment — at predicting which kids were more likely to still have ongoing symptoms about one month after they suffered a concussion. The findings were published today (March 8) in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). With this new assessment method, doctors finally have a…
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TCS is planning salary hike for employees; may announce soon

Commenting on the hikes, Lakkad said that TCS employs over 6 lakh employees and the firm may announce the salary hikes. The firm safetysignandlabel.com.au has planned to give salary hikes similar to last year’s hike. Further emphasising hiring layoffs employees from startups, Lakkad has said that TCS is specifically looking for talent in user experience design, artificial intelligence, many aspects of the cloud, and product experience. As per a report, when he was questioned about whether TCS would be reviewing its stock options schemes, given that startups attract a lot of talent based on such offers, Lakkad said it is continuing to evaluate this aspect as it feels that both loyalty and performance play a significant role.
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The Zepp sensor is a small, wearable device that clips

The device is an option for any golfers who want a few pointers on improving their games, and it would be useful for avid golfers as well as those who only hit the green a few times a year. The sensor syncs with the free Zepp app, which lets you record both data and videos of as many swings as you'd like. Golfers can then compare the details of each swing, side by side. The Zepp sensor is one of many new wearables designed to keep golfers at the top of their games. Other contenders include Game Golf, a digital tracking system that uses GPS data to track accuracy and swing performance over an entire course. While Zepp doesn't include GPS tracking, it does come with a lower price tag:…
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Looking for a good way to cool off this summer

Many freshwater lakes have clear, pristine waters, largely because they lack the nutrients that are gobbled up by algae. And these teensy plantlike organisms called protists can multiply fast, turning a body of water from glassy to murky. Healthy freshwater lakes often support small fish and are usually surrounded by trees and vegetation that help prevent erosion. That makes freshwater lakes the perfect place to have a picnic, relax or dive into for a swim. Here are 10 recommendations of freshwater lakes in the United States, but feel free to add more in the comments section if you don't see your favorite freshwater lake in the countdown. Located on the Michigan coast, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is a beautiful getaway within Lake Michigan. Visitors often rent houses and go…
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